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    “Teranga”: The remarkable culture in Senegal

    One of the most famous things about Senegal is hospitality. The Senegalese have a special word for it in their local tongue of Wolof. This word is Teranga. It does not just mean hospitality. It also signifies the solidarity and respect shown in a community. No other word encompasses the spirit of this country like Teranga. It is no surprise […]

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    Formalities to Come to Senegal

    Coming to Senegal is a dream come true for lots of people. Surely, you’ve got businesses to do here. Depending on where you are from, when you get to Blaise Airport or the DSS Airport, you might be faced with a few administrative formalities when visiting Senegal. Visa Policies For example, one of the most important travel policy you’ll have […]

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    How Senegal Shuttle can Make your Trip Superb?

    From the moment your feet touch ground at the Blaise Airport or the DSS Airport, the first thing to envelope you is the beauty of Senegal.  However, even with the best maps online guides, you can only get the best when you are in experienced hands. At Senegal Shuttle, we understand the importance of comfort, so we decided to redefine […]

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    Places you Must Visit While in Senegal!

    Whether you are visiting Senegal as a tourist or a business owner, or you are here to pursue the countless educational opportunities, don’t fail to explore the fascinating nation of Senegal. Apart from the people and culture, there are numerous sites all around the country that will leave you astounded and awestricken. Below are some of the top spots to […]


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